Jessie Ware’s “Imagine It Was Us” Video Serves Up ’90s Realness: Watch

Robbie Daw | April 8, 2013 6:24 am

Imagine it was us? No, Jessie Ware, we’re going to imagine it’s 1990, and we’re all attending one of the amazing drag balls featured in Paris Is Burning. (Or at least we’ll pretend that it’s 1992 and we’re club kid extras in Madonna‘s “Deeper And Deeper” video.)

Like “Aaliyah,” her 2012 collaboration with Katy B, Ware’s video for “Imagine It Was Us” — a new song featured on the upcoming US release of Devotion (out April 16) — has us zipping back to the days of George HW’s final days in office as President; a time when the clubs were housin’, the wigs were high and everyone was deep in vogue.

There really are no two ways about the fact that new addition “Imagine It Was Us” is a top highlight on Devotion, an already outstanding LP that landed in third place on Idolator’s 2012 Best Albums list. From the first funky beats to the hypnotic synths that compel us all to dance around whatever room we’re occupying when it plays, the track could just be the one to break this outstanding British singer out big in the States.

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