Foxes’ “Beauty Queen” Video Features ALL The Falling Models (The Song Is Pretty Great, Too)

Carl Williott | April 8, 2013 1:35 pm

Foxes dropped her new song “Beauty Queen” today (April 8), and girl came for wigs. The song (and accompanying music video) comments on our society’s emphasis on looks and the ingrained princess mentality. Sure, it’s not a new concept (fellow Brit Marina & the Diamonds has recently mined similar territory), but the execution here is flawless. The clip features footage from beauty pageants and fashion shows expertly interspersed with parallel scenes from Cinderella. And there is oh so much footage of models stumbling and slipping and slamming into the ground.

Plus, it’s a killer song even without the acerbic video. “Beauty Queen” is just as elegant as Foxes’ prior material, but there’s more punch here. The groove is tighter, the hook is forceful and catchy. Together, it all makes for a powerful statement, one that’s funny and demoralizing at the same time.

“Beauty Queen” is available digitally on May 13 via Big Picnic Records. If you haven’t yet, check out Foxes’ guest spot on the new Fall Out Boy album, and see what she told us about how the collaboration came together.