Sky Blu’s “Pop Bottles” Video Fails To Make Us LMFAO

Robbie Daw | April 9, 2013 6:33 am

And now for a game-changing moment in music that will completely revolutionize the way we think about the art of music videos and absorb pop visuals from this day forward. Yeah, yeah. Just kidding, everyone — it’s only the snooze-inducing clip for Sky Blu‘s “Pop Bottles.”

Here we see the (former?) LMFAO rapper prep for a show at the Malibu Inn by skateboarding around Los Angeles, playing ping pong and breakdancing in da club, where he’s joined by crooner Mark Rosas. All of this does little to distract from the fact that “Pop Bottles” feels like a substandard LMFAO leftover with a shoestring-budget video.

Meanwhile, it really feels like this song has been around forever, no? (Technically, “Pop Bottles” was released in early January.) And between this and Redfoo‘s “I’ll Award You With My Body,” perhaps these LMFAO clowns are better off just counting their royalty bucks and hanging tight until the inevitable reunion cash-in four or five years from now.

Sorry for party rockin’.

Are we off the mark? Is “Pop Bottles” the greatest thing since “Party Rock Anthem”? Let us know below!

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