Kanye West Sued For That “Get Down” Sample In “Gold Digger”

Carl Williott | April 9, 2013 11:43 am

Kanye West is being sued for a sample used on his 2005 smash “Gold Digger,” according to TMZ. At issue is the “get down” vocal sample heard throughout Yeezy’s track as he raps, “Get down girl, go ‘head, get down.” The children of singer David Pryor claim it’s Pryor’s voice, lifted from 1974’s “Bumpin’ Bus Stop” by his band Thunder & Lightning. You can hear Pryor sing “get down” at the :13 mark of the song and, well, it certainly sounds like the one in “Gold Digger.”

When you throw together as many samples as Kanye does, you’re bound to get hit with a few lawsuits. And if Yeezy did, in fact, use the sample without getting clearance, surely he’ll pay up (he has before). However, the plaintiffs aren’t just seeking fair compensation in this case: they allegedly want the courts to cease all sales of “Gold Digger.” Which is absurd for several reasons, particularly the idea that a 2005 single is jumping off the shelves (literal or digital) in 2013.

[via SPIN]