You Be The Judge: Serena Ryder, “Stompa”

Bradley Stern | April 9, 2013 12:43 pm

We come across new artists each and every day, but are all acts worth making a fuss over? With You Be The Judge, we’re leaving it up to YOU, our readers. Should we keep tabs on these rising artists, leave their tunes behind — or at least let them stew a bit longer before we give them another chance?

Serena Ryder might be a new name ’round these parts, but she’s not new to the scene.

With six studio albums under her belt, the singer-songwriter’s already enjoyed plenty of success for well over a decade back at home in Canada. Now, she’s finally hitting her stride stateside: After her current single “Stompa” raced up to the Top 10 on the Canadian Charts, the track was featured on Grey’s Anatomy last year. And in June, Ryder will release her latest studio album, Harmony, in the US.

“Stompa” flaunts Serena’s powerful and soulful voice — a little bit of Adele mixed in with some of Bruno Mars swagger — above a rollicking beat: “Gotta get up, listen to me/Clappa your hands, stompa your feet,” she confidently commands.

Harmony will include “Stompa,” as well as the amazing follow-up “What I Wouldn’t Do,” a sprightly, guitar-led devotional full of catchy “whoa-oh-oh!” chants and happy handclaps.

So, do you like what you hear? You be the judge!

Listen to “Stompa” and “What I Wouldn’t Do” above, then vote in our poll below to let us know if you want Serena Ryder to remain a fixture on the site.

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