Watch Demi Lovato Perform “Heart Attack” On ‘Good Morning America’

Carl Williott | April 10, 2013 11:01 am

Demi Lovato stopped by Good Morning America today (April 10) for an intense performance of her intense new single “Heart Attack.” And the singer showed why she’s our reigning Pop Princess. Backed by a full band and wearing spiky jewelry and black-and-white leather, she was bubbly during the verses and quickly switched to fierce passion during that high-drama chorus. The whole thing was an impressive showcase for her powerful pipes.

One thing bothered us, though: the Lovatics in the crowd were all watching the proceedings through their phones as they recorded the performance.

demi lovato heart attack lovatics phones

Look, we know it’s exciting to see Demi in such an intimate setting. But you do realize this was being broadcast on national television, right? The crew at ABC was already doing all the work for you! You could’ve just fully enjoyed the performance, and then instead of showing off to your friends using your shaky, blown-out video, you could’ve  just showed them the YouTube clip, and literally pointed at yourself on national television watching your princess perform. Dang kids and their techno doohickeys.