Frank Ocean’s “Lost” Video: Watch Him Tour, Record & Skateboard With Tyler, The Creator

Christina Lee | April 12, 2013 11:56 am

Frank Ocean, one of OUT‘s “Power 50,” has released a music video for channel ORANGE highlight “Lost.” Consider the Francisco Soriano-directed clip to be a low-key version of Justin Bieber‘s hi-def “All Around the World” video: Instead of droves of hysterical fans, Ocean runs into a few people who recognize him. Instead of having his car swarmed by said fans, Ocean is left alone to sleep. And, instead of snapping photos aboard a cruise, he skateboards with Odd Future affiliate Tyler, the Creator.

Meanwhile, the flickering orange blocks read as a nod to Golden Harvest, the company that co-produced Bruce Lee‘s Enter the Dragon. (Ocean’s a fan of Bruce Lee, remember?) Watch the “Lost” video up top.