PSY Debuts “Gentleman” Video: Watch

Christina Lee | April 13, 2013 7:44 am

PSY has released his official video for “Gentleman,” the follow-up to his mammoth single “Gangnam Style.” And, as somewhat expected, he does not behave like a gentleman at all. One moment he causes a woman to fall off her treadmill, and later he kicks a soccer ball away from children. But when he scores a date with someone who turns out be a prankster herself (K-pop singer Ga-in), PSY’s “Gentleman” video breaks out into chaos. (Take note, Bauuer.)

Perhaps the best part of the “Gentleman” video, though, may be PSY’s sly tribute to the hip-swaying choreography from Brown Eyed Girls“Abracadabra” video. “Whether or not a couple of my songs become a global hit, I’ve been doing this job for 12 years,” PSY said to the AP. “I will bring more Korean dance moves and Korean songs overseas.”

Watch PSY’s new video up top, then after the jump, check out a rehearsal video that shows the K-pop star doing Beyonce‘s dance from “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” — another time he’s tried out female-inspired choreography.

PSY’s take on Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” dance