Daft Punk & Pharrell’s “Get Lucky”: Hear The New Single In Their ‘SNL’ Teaser

Sam Lansky | April 15, 2013 5:39 am

We all got lucky this morning: There’s more to hear of Daft Punk’s comeback single “Get Lucky,” the first from their upcoming LP Random Access Memories (due out May 21). And it’s great! Not that its greatness should come as any surprise, really, given the pedigree (the iconic French electropop duo + Pharrell Williams Nile Rodgers), but still — it’s nice when something just works as well as “Get Lucky” does.

An ad for this weekend’s (April 20) episode of Saturday Night Live teasing the performance gives a full minute of audio and, as promised in the Coachella video shot over the weekend, the song sounds like classic Daft Punk, all groovy, vibe-y electro with a buttery vocal from Pharrell. (Rodgers absolutely wailing on the guitar doesn’t hurt.) Visually, it’s effortlessly cool, shimmering black and helmets galore. 

Then, this morning, a version purporting to be the full studio mix began circulating, but our expert opinion is that it’s fanmade — it doesn’t quite go anywhere. You can pique your curiosity and listen to that here, though, if you care to.

It won’t be long now before the Daft Punk takeover is in full swing. Watch their SNL clip up top.