Pharrell Talks Meeting Daft Punk At A Madonna Party, Working On “Get Lucky”: Watch

Christina Lee | April 15, 2013 11:45 am

Thanks to Madonna of all people, Pharrell Williams eventually became the charmed vocalist featured in Daft Punk‘s “Get Lucky.” In an interview with The Creators Project (above), the producer-songwriter talked of how he met the French DJ duo at a party she threw. “If you just want me to play a tambourine, I’ll do it,” Williams said.

Now, after a whirlwind trip to Paris he could barely remember, Williams lovingly calls Daft Punk “the robots.” He says he recalls pitching some music and seeing fellow collaborator Nile Rodgers smile, but then after taking an organic, Alka-Seltzer-resembling tablet, he was suddenly flying back to the United States, without any recollection of how “Get Lucky” was made. “Was it really jet-lag, or did the robots still hit me with the Men in Black, like ‘You won’t remember anything about this’?” Williams said.

Still, as Williams has realized, what’s most important is that “Get Lucky” has (mostly) arrived, and it sounds exactly as he hoped — no MDMA (ahem) necessary. “On two sides of the Atlantic we were both like in the same place,” he said. “Let’s go back that magical time where the music and the liveliness of music was what moved people.” Watch the full interview up top (and thanks, Madonna!).