Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter Show World Tour Opens In Serbia (With No New Material): See The Setlist

Sam Lansky | April 16, 2013 6:31 am

Hey — Beyonce is on tour! The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, to be exact, and it’s a massive global tour that comes, rather inexplicably, on the heels of no new album. Her buzz track “Bow Down” and the Pepsi commercial tune “Grown Woman” aren’t really a sufficient peg for such a huge undertaking. So what is Beyonce doing? Nobody knows! But, if we had to guess, we’d say that she’s just being Beyonce and doing whatever she wants, convention be damned, because she’s Beyonce and that’s what Beyonce does.

Point being: Her tour opened last night in Belgrade, Serbia, and while it’s not exactly a surprise, it’s still a little disappointing to learn that the show contains no new material. Not even “Bow Down” or “Grown Woman.” It does open with a bit of “I Been On,” the chopped-and-screwed buzz track that came packaged with “Bow Down,” but other than that, it’s just the hits, folks. That’s all. 

Popjustice has the full setlist from the show, and while it’s more than possible that it’ll change if she does end up dropping a proper single or her album, it’s hard to imagine how this is going to work, isn’t it? Releasing a promoting a new album while on a world tour? Surely she has a strategy, right? Let’s hope. And there’s still much to be excited about here (oh, what we’d give to see her perform “Schoolin’ Life” live), but still. This is starting to feel a little muddled.

See the setlist below.

1. Intro – I Been On 2. Run the World (Girls) 3. End of Time 4. Flaws and All 5. You Are a Queen (Interlude) 6. If I Were a Boy / Bittersweet Symphony 7. Get Me Bodied 8. Baby Boy 9. Diva 10. Naughty Girl (Interlude) 11. Naughty Girl 12. Party 13. Dance for You 14. Diplo’s “Express Yourself” (Interlude) 15. Freakum Dress 16. Interlude 17. I Care 18. I Miss You 19. Schoolin’ Life 20. Why Don’t You Love Me 21. Interlude 22. 1+1 23. Irreplaceable 24. Resentment 25. Love on Top 26. Survivor 27. Countdown (Interlude) 28. Crazy In Love 29. Single Ladies 30. I Was Here (Interlude) 31. I Will Always Love You / Halo 32. Outro – Green Light

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