PSY’s “Gentleman” Video Gets Banned By South Korean Broadcaster

Sam Lansky | April 18, 2013 11:08 am

PSY‘s “Gentleman” video may have already racked up 150 million views in the few days since its release, but it’s not flying so well in his homeland: The state-funded South Korean broadcaster KBS has put the kibosh (KiBoSh) on the clip — but not because he’s sort-of assaulting women and getting up to all kinds of havoc-wreaking shenanigans.

No, the moment that pushed them over the edge is in the opening sequence, when PSY kicks a parking cone (which reads “NO PARKING” in Korean, apparently), because he’s abusing public property. 

Abusing public property! Of all the problematic antics, that was the one that proved most incendiary? Well, okay. Sure. At least we know what matters most: Public property.

Good work, PSY: Keep the controversy up and you’ll outpace “Gangnam Style.”

[via The Huffington Post]