Lana Del Rey’s Inevitable Nancy Sinatra Cover Is Here: Watch Her “Summer Wine” Video

Carl Williott | April 18, 2013 4:48 pm

We’re smack in the middle of another Lana Del Rey media blitz! Did you guys enjoy that, oh, three-month hiatus? We sort of did, but we’re glad it’s over, because first we got her lovely, out-of-nowhere cover of Leonard Cohen‘s “Chelsea Hotel No. 2.” Then came the teases of unreleased material and her Great Gatsby contribution to whet our appetite. And today (April 18), Lana has treated us to another faithful (and really good!) cover of another old song that most Lana fans have probably never heard of.

This time, it’s “Summer Wine,” a duet made famous by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood in 1967. Yes, Gangsta Nancy Sinatra is taking on Real, Not-Gangsta Nancy Sinatra. Playing the part of Hazlewood is Lana’s boyfriend Barrie-James O’Neill (who sings in the band Kassidy). The two appear in the “home video” as well, frolicking along the beach and doing all kinds of cutesy, coupley things. And Lana seems so happy! We’re falling for her all over again.

Throw in the couple’s retro attire and the predictably grainy, VHS-quality visuals for the old duet, and Lana once again proves she’s the king of the simulacrum game.

Lana, keep these surprises coming, and for the love of God don’t go anywhere near a TV soundstage.

[via SPIN]