Will.i.am & Justin Bieber’s “#thatPOWER” Video: Watch The Slick Clip

Sam Lansky | April 19, 2013 6:12 am

Will.i.am has just released the video for his Justin Bieber-assisted single, “#thatPOWER,” from his upcoming LP #willpower (hashtag willpower!), and — just like the “Scream & Shout” video — it’s ultra GIF-able, with some mighty slick dance moves. Still, the most crucial element of this video is that Will is still rocking his  drop-crotch harem pants. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Aside from the meticulous choreography — featuring Will and some dudes who are styled just like him — Justin Bieber has also been beamed in via holograph to sing the hook, although he plays a smaller role in the clip than his fans would probably like. 

“This video is probably the most time-consuming video that I’ve ever been a part of because I had to rehearse choreography,” Will told ET Online, “and I’ve always been against choreography for me.”

Watch the video up top.