Ke$ha Recruits For “Crazy Kids” Single Treatment: Hear The Remix

Sam Lansky | April 19, 2013 7:09 am

He’s everywhere, isn’t he? We can’t avoid him and his weird punctuation and his dumb lyrics and his awful hashtags everywhere. It’s He’s inescapable. Maybe we should all just surrender to it. Sometimes it feels like it’s just too difficult to fight it.

Like now, when we find him popping up where we least expected him, in the one place we thought we were safe: On the new Ke$ha single. Yes, since K$ has faced some challenges snagging chart success with her latest LP Warriorshe (read: her label) have roped in Will to spit a guest verse on the track (which, admittedly, he co-wrote, but that doesn’t give him license to ruin it!), and now an objectively great song is being serviced to radio in worse form than we first heard it. Ah, well. It happens. 

As these things go, Will’s verse isn’t his most offensively insipid ever — so that’s a victory, sort-of — and “Crazy Kids” is catchy enough that it might have legs at radio, but it’s hard to escape that nagging feeling that it’s going to take more than this to breathe life into her dwindling star.

At any rate, “Crazy Kids” — which marks K$’s third single from Warrior — hits U.S. radio on April 29. Hear it below.

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