Betty Who Dazzles With ‘The Movement’ EP: Download For Free

Sam Lansky | April 19, 2013 9:10 am

Every so often, a new artist comes out of the gate with tunes so dazzlingly sure-footed, it’s unimaginable that you haven’t heard of them yet: Such is the case with Betty Who, an Australian singer-songwriter who’s begun to make waves over the last few months with an EP, The Movement, that’s so polished and expensive-sounding it’s mind-boggling to learn that she’s unsigned (by choice!) and still flying largely under the radar. (At the rate she’s going, that probably won’t last long.)

Released this week (April 16) as a free download, the four-track EP is led by single “Somebody Loves You,” a spine-tinglingly euphoric ’80s pop nugget with a singalong chorus catchier than most of what’s on mainstream radio. (It’s currently a top pick for our song of the summer.) Weirder still is that the other three tracks are equally impressive: The luminous “You’re In Love” evokes the new Tegan and Sara album, while “Right Here” is dreamily lush; “High Society” is an injection of New Order synthpop with a rich, cinematic chorus. It’s absolutely perfect pop, and it’s absolutely — incredibly! — free. Download it on SoundCloud.