Union J’s “Carry You”: Listen To ‘The X Factor’ Group’s Excellent Debut Single

Jillian Pellegrini | April 22, 2013 10:10 am

Boy band fans: Brace yourselves to start stanning for Union J and their lead single “Carry You.”

Union J got their start on the UK version of The X Factor — as it seems all the best acts do these days (ahem, One Direction, Little Mix) — last season. The group, comprised of Josh CuthbertJJ HamblettJaymi Hensley and George Shelley (who was added to the group when they were called back to the judges’ homes after another group withdrew from the competition), made it to the semi-finals of the series, and after being eliminated by a narrow margin, signed with RCA Records. “Carry You” is the first single from their forthcoming debut album, which is slated for release in the UK later this year.

Skeptics who suspect Union J are just another product of the industry’s thirst to cash in on the current boyband craze will likely be pleasantly surprised: If the single is anything to go by, these guys are legit! By virtue of being a product of The X Factor, and British, they’re going to inevitably draw comparisons to groups like One Direction and The Wanted, but they’ve found their own voice with “Carry You,” a sweet and simple love song, driven by synths and piano. It’s not super-complex, but then, a summer single doesn’t really need to be.

The highlight is definitely the bridge, belted by Josh and Jaymi, although all four members hold their own vocally. But “Carry You” manages to be a classic pop song without feeling boring or forgettable; it’s the type of song that might soundtrack a season finale montage on an ABC Family show or end a high school dance (both meant as the highest of compliments) — catchy enough that it will probably stick with you all day, but not in an annoying way.

There may not be as many rabid JCats as there are Directioners (which is probably — nay, definitely a good thing), but a solid fanbase ensures that this song will do well at least in the UK and, if they get a proper launch here, probably stateside as well. It’s one of those singles that just works for the summer. Listen to the full track below.

Union J — “Carry You”