Are Mariah Carey And Miguel Collaborating On A New Single & Video?

Carl Williott | April 22, 2013 12:30 pm

OK guys, here’s one of those connect-the-tweets stories that Stans are so good at tracking down. Based on a series of tweets from people working with and for Mariah Carey, it would appear that Mimi is collaborating with Miguel on her new single and accompanying music video. A couple weeks ago, Carey tweeted that she “saw” Miguel at the studio, which began the speculation that they’d been cooking up something for her new album.

Then one of director Joseph Kahn‘s underlings tweeted (and swiftly deleted) the following message: “working on a Mariah Carey + Miguel video for the man Joseph Kahn, wouldn’t trade this for 1,000 Coachellas.” Pretty much a dead giveaway, but just for good measure, Kahn and Miguel tweeted messages today (April 22) that seemed to confirm something was up. Head below to see the string of tweets.

Those are just the main players, but head to The Lava Lizard for even more tweeted “proof” of the video. So far, Mimi is mum on the subject.

So do you think the collaboration is real, or just internet speculation? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter or Facebook.