Muse Tweak Psychedelic “Panic Station” Video After Flag Controversy: Watch

Idolator Staff | April 23, 2013 1:45 pm

Muse are back with a video for “Panic Station,” the fifth single from their current album The 2nd LawThe clip sees the British band taking time off their world tour to explore the streets of Tokyo in eccentric costumes, with the city’s colorful lights providing a vibrant backdrop. It’s a psychedelic and wonderful world the band depicts, but when it first premiered Monday (April 22), the video became an unlikely source of controversy and was quickly pulled due to some objectionable WWII imagery.

The original edit featured a shot of the Imperial Japanese Army Flag, and upon seeing the Rising Sun image, many Asians took offense, some equating it to using Nazi imagery. The band quickly apologized on Twitter and revised the video. Check out the new version up top, and click through to see Muse’s tweet.

[via NME]