Coachella 2013: The Lumineers Liven Up A Lethargic Crowd

Carl Williott | April 22, 2013 2:40 pm

The Lumineers took the main stage at Coachella on the final afternoon of the festival’s somewhat unnecessary second weekend (although, people who missed Weekend 1 surely don’t share that sentiment). When you first take in their presentation — the guys looking like purveyors of small-batch pickles, the always-smiling cellist/singer Neyla Pekarek dressed a bit like Dorothy, the antique piano, old-timey hats and beat-up acoustic guitars — and it can seem like the halftime show at a Civil War reenactment. You wonder how much of this could possibly be authentic.

But then you see how damn passionate they are while performing, and how chipper and dialed-in and, well, you get the sense these guys really believe in their sound. And that’s enough to get the crowd to sing along, and that’s exactly how you convert the skeptics — even if said skeptics are drained from two weekends of breathing nothing but dirt and drugs.

Check out our photos from The Loomies’ lively April 21 set up top.