Beyonce Debuts Mrs. Carter Show World Tour Trailer: Watch

Sam Lansky | April 23, 2013 5:51 am

Did you know? Beyonce is out on her world tour! Traveling the globe, eliciting screams of joy from fans, making bitches bow down — she does it all. A Renaissance diva. A one-woman army, if you will.

And behold! King Bey has unveiled the official trailer for her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. It may not have any new songs, but it has plenty of other stuff that her fans will probably be super excited about, and well, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t get a little frisson of excitement just watching it.

See Beyonce sing! See Beyonce dance! See Beyonce sail across the arena! See Beyonce wear no pants at all, the entire time — just an endless string of shiny Dereon ensembles! See Beyonce put her love on top! It all happens on the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, which is not pegged to any album or major single release or anything other than a Pepsi campaign but hey — we’re playing by Beyonce’s rules now.

Watch the trailer up top.

[via Popjustice]