Beyonce Bans Photographers From Her Tour Because She Is Beyonce And You Are Not

Sam Lansky | April 23, 2013 7:59 am

Trying to take a picture of Beyonce? Whoa! Slow down there, cowboy. That’s Beyonce you’re photographing. The rules just aren’t the same. The days of just going ahead with your camera and taking pictures of Beyonce like you’re a professional photographer or something (even if you are a professional photographer) are long gone.

Yeah, kiss those media credentials goodbye. Beyonce has banned photographers from her hotly tipped, no-new-songs-allowed Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

Banned! Yes, banned! Following February’s embarrassment, in which Beyonce’s publicist asked BuzzFeed to remove photographs of her because they were “unflattering,” King Bey has taken matters into her own hands, circumventing the conventional system of having photographers take pictures during the first few songs of the set in lieu of hiring her own in-house shutterbug to take good pictures (i.e., ones where Beyonce likes how Beyonce looks). That photographer will be providing “3-5 pre-approved images…shot for the media to use after each show.”

The complete lack of photo credentials means that photo agencies are still buying up low-quality photos taken by Beyonce’s fans from the front rows of the show (we’ve already seen several on our own photo agencies here), which is just going to end up being disastrous for everyone involved. If Beyonce doesn’t like the way she looks from a DSLR, she’s definitely not going to like the grainy, pixelated, poorly-angled snapshot taken on some kid’s Android. The only one who loses here is Beyonce. Then again, when you’re Beyonce, you win implicitly.

Bow down, Getty.

[via Fuse]