Ciara Gets Super Turnt Up On ‘106 & Park’ With Bow Wow: Watch

Sam Lansky | April 23, 2013 12:43 pm

Here are a few things you need to know about Ciara: 1) The “Body Party” is happening right here, right now and 2) She is super turnt up about it.

That was the general sentiment of her interview on 106 & Park yesterday, where she chatted with her ex-boyfriend Bow Wow (awkward!!111) and used the phrase “turnt up” twice in 90 seconds, the first time to refer to her fan base. (#CSquad, where you at?) So here’s the thing. Urban Dictionary defines “turnt up” as “thee [sic] act of getting drunk and high to thee [sic] highest degree,” which means that one of two things must be true — either she’s implying that her fans are intoxicated, or Ciara has liberated the phrase “turnt up” from the shackles of its debauched origins, redefining the vernacular just as she once redefined the face of music. Call us crazy. Call us dreamers. Hell, go ahead and call us turnt up. See if we care. 

She also talks about some other stuff besides being super turnt up, like her upcoming self-titled fifth studio album and being a fashion trailblazer. (Nobody wears Givenchy better — it’s true.) Get turnt up right along with her. It’s the way of the future.

Watch the first part of the video up top, then see the rest below.

[via Rap-Up]