Whatcha Say: Lana Del Rey, Demi Lovato & Ke$ha Got Our Readers Talking

Idolator Staff | April 26, 2013 5:30 pm

This week’s Ibrawlator was feisty, to say the least: Soundtrack queens Adele and Lana Del Rey went head-to-head for best soundtrack single. (Have you seen the results?)

The Lovatics were in full force with the release of behind-the-scenes footage from Demi Lovato’s ‘Heart Attack’ video, while Beyonce’s “Back to Black” cover and Ke$ha’s remix track with Pitbull brought out the skeptics. But the release of Janelle Monae‘s new single and a preview of tracks from the upcoming Backstreet Boys album were here to save the day (or the week, in this case).

Check out some of this week’s best comments below!

:: During our Ibrawlator: Lana Del Rey’s “Young & Beautiful” & Adele’s “Skyfall”, Which Song Is Better?, Naomi was sort of stumped: “This is a tough one. I love Adele and Lana both. I think they’re the best thing that has happened to music currently. As for the songs, as much as I love ‘Skyfall,’ I have to give it to ‘Young and Beautiful.'”

:: Sera thought it was tough too, but weighed it out fairly: “I love both songs and they fit their respective films very well. However, I think ‘Skyfall’ wins for me because Adele’s voice really blew me away in that song. Also, the lyric ‘makes me wanna party’ in Lana’s song kind of ruined the mood for me. But they are both great – really moody, atmospheric, beautiful songs, each worthy of awards in my opinion.”

:: But the choice was easy for Maria Hawkins: “Adele is the best! Period!”

:: The Lovatics were overjoyed with the release of Demi Lovato’s “Heart Attack” Video: Get A Behind-The-Scenes Look, and Christina finally got her lightbulb moment: “Now I finally understood the video! I never really knew what the ‘black hands’ represented before now. Cool! Love you, Demi.”

:: Fans were overjoyed with the release of Backstreet Boys’ New Album: Preview Six TracksGuest says “I love how positive these songs are! That’s what the Backstreet Boys were always great at: positive, uplifting music. Excited to hear more.”

:: Our 5-year retrospective for Madonna‘s Hard Candy had fans to sounding off on Madonna’s ‘Hard Candy’ Turns 5: Stan & Deliver, including Brandon Hall: “I pretty much hated this era to be quite honest. It was such a underwhelming shift coming from Confessions, and lacked even an ounce of its polish, but with that said, she managed to put one of my favorite songs onto this record: ‘Miles Away,’ this song is so simple and beautiful, its also my favorite performance from her S&S tour. I could listen to this song a hundred times on repeat.”

:: Pedro vehemently disagreed with the critics: “I LUV this record! The fact that so many “critics” dimiss this CD by comparing it to “Confessions” merely adds to its brilliance. Yes, she could have had another massive dance hit by following the same formula with Stuart Price, but she chose to challenge her pop-prowess and make music that SHE likes!”

:: Most readers remained skeptical of Beyonce & Andre 3000’s “Back To Black”: Preview Their Dark Amy Winehouse CoverAC seems unconvinced: “Awful. I love Andre and B, but this is horrible. She is pretty unconvincing as a junkie.”

:: Jile also questions the authenticity of their cover: “I don’t know why she insists on covering songs that are vocally performed by artists who cannot be mirrored, that without that emotion in their voice, the song just wouldn’t work. Alanis? Kings of Leon? Bey is a great singer, but not for these genres. However this is an interesting take, likely because of the production.”

:: There were a lot of strong opinions on Watch Rihanna Make It Rain At A Strip Club (UPDATE: BFF Katy Perry Was Not There)Qwerty asks, “And how many male urban stars go to strip clubs everyday and don’t get as much as one headline? Give me a break. And just because Grimes is an intelligent, talented woman doesn’t mean that women that choose to utilize their sexuality should be slut shamed. Just saying.”

:: JustinMar has a different idea of what RiRi should be doing with her money: “I feel like in these economic times, she should head to some random small town and just start showering people green. Or if you have $8000 bucks, give a fan money to go to college. It’s what Id do if I had hit tunes but no talent and people bought my records. It’s like a silent agreement. Listen to me whine, I pay you to stan me on the webz…”

:: Finally, readers were overwhelmingly disappointed in Ke$ha’s “Crazy Kids” Gets Remixed With Pitbull, This Is All Getting Really DepressingJay sums it up pretty well: “will.i.am. Pitbull. Who’s next Flo Rida? She was able to get talented rappers on her “Sleazy 2.0″ Remix….what happened? I know her popularity may have taken a hit a little once her album was released, but “Die Young” was a huge hit and “C’Mon” was still a Top 40 hit. She deserves better than this. It’s bad enough she has to tour with Pitbull.”

:: And Jason rounds it off with these final remarks: “I agree with this 100%. i mean, C’MON! willi.i.am. has gotten out of control with his insipidness, and seriously, how does Pitbull have a major label record deal? Ask anyone on the street if they like Pitbull and the answer will be a resounding ‘No’. Poor Ke$ha, she don’t deserve this travesty.”

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