Katharine McPhee Begins Recording New Album With Really Great People

Sam Lansky | April 24, 2013 1:51 pm

Oh no! Anybody got a thermometer? We need to see a doctor. Our McPheever is rising to dangerous levels. In fact, we might even need some penicillin. That’s how sick we’re getting from this brutal McPheever. It’s practically a plague!

Yes, Katharine McPhee is poised to return from the darkest bowels of NBC’s primetime lineup (last we checked, Smash is airing Fridays at 4:30 a.m. but only when the moon is waning) with her first album on her new label Columbia Records, which will hopefully have some songs as good as “Over It.” (Seriously — we hear it every time we’re in a Walgreens and nowhere else but oof, what a tune.) Due out later this year, the as-yet-untitled LP will feature songwriting collars with Sia, Linda Perry, Salaam Remi and Ryan Tedder, which are some pretty big names. 

We have no idea who Katharine McPhee really is as an artist (the polished pop of her debut didn’t move into the adult contemporary pop-rock of her sophomore effort in a way that felt totally organic), but she can sang, and she’s quite likable, and those are solid hit makers, so we’ll take it. And our McPheever will continue to burn for one more day.

Here’s “Over It,” just in case you forgot how it’s objectively perfect.

[via Billboard]