‘The Great Gatsby’ Soundtrack: Hear The xx’s “Together”

Carl Williott | April 24, 2013 2:54 pm

You’d think The xx‘s quiet minimalism wouldn’t exactly fit in the extravagant, blown-out universe Baz Luhrmann has created for The Great Gatsby, but the sultry Brits sound right at home on the film’s star-studded soundtrack. “Together” uses the group’s spare foundation to dial into the yearning romance and slight sense of doom at the center of Jay Gatsby’s tale.

It’s all boilerplate xx (which is still really good!), but then a drum machine kicks in around the 3:00 mark followed by — whoa! — melodramatic, Lana-like strings. Apparently even The xx are powerless to the luxurious temptations of Gatsby’s world. Hear it below.

What do you think of The xx’s contribution to the film?