Beyonce Unveils New Song “Standing On The Sun” In H&M Video: Watch

Sam Lansky | April 25, 2013 5:59 am

Hey, it’s Beyonce! A global superstar who now, apparently, only premieres new music in the context of corporate partnerships. That’s probably why Beyonce is richer than us.

Yes, after giving us a little taste of “Grown Woman” as part of her Pepsi campaign a few weeks ago, the superstar has yet again unveiled a 90-second snippet of a new song — this one a clattering, island-infused pop banger called “Standing On the Sun” — as the soundtrack for an H&M commercial which sees King Bey rolling around in the sun and strutting her stuff in a bikini. (She walks with a vengeance, in fact.) The track, penned by Greg Kurstin and Sia, sounds like a summery pop hit. She could even release it to radio, if she felt so inclined. (Does Beyonce do that anymore?)

Look: Beyonce looks fantastic, and the music sounds great, and the whole production (which was shot in the Caribbean) has a gleaming, sun-drenched quality to it that’s undeniably attractive, but we can’t shake the disconcerting feeling that nobody has any idea what’s going on with Beyonce’s current promotional strategy right now. Is she releasing an album? Are any of these songs for various advertisements real singles? Will she perform them on tour? Does it matter? Who knows!

Just give us something we can buy on iTunes, B. That’s all we’re asking.

[via Just Jared]

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