Adele Is Recording Her New Album, Due Out In “Mid-2014”

Sam Lansky | April 26, 2013 9:06 am

Good news: Adele is working on an album, and it’ll be out “mid-2014,” according to sources at The Mirror (via Gigwise). Reportedly, she’s in “lockdown mode” at a London recording studio for the next few weeks finishing up several songs: “Four tracks are finished in terms of writing and she’s now laying down preliminary vocals with backing music and singers,” explained an insider. “The rest of the record will be done in LA. The feel is very much Adele going back to her roots, with some modern jazz and a couple of classic old songs.” (That doesn’t sound very auspicious, does it? She can probably pull off anything, though, so we won’t panic just yet.)

Bad news: This isn’t faring well for Susan Boyle, who is no longer the label’s priority now that Adele is back in the studio. Sorry, SuBo.

Good news: There’s still a new Adele album headed our way. We’ll take it.

[via Gigwise]