Annie’s “Tube Stops And Lonely Hearts”: Watch The ’90s Rave-A-Thon Video

Sam Lansky | April 26, 2013 10:58 am

It’s more or less an accepted truth that Annie can do no wrong. The Norwegian songbird’s comeback has been hotly anticipated (and long overdue) for so long that anything would have sounded great — and “Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts,” a ’90s dance paean for which Annie just premiered the video, absolutely does.

Annie calls it “an emotional tribute to the rave culture in the early nineties” and “a danceable diary entry,” both of which feel, well, accurate. Helmed by Xenomania and German producer Ville Haimala, it sounds less like the sleek pop of her first two albums and a little rougher-around-the-edges: It’s dynamic, even if it’s not as catchy as her earlier work. A little more diffuse, a little more experimental in its shape. “Tube stops and lonely hearts / I lost the rhythm, yeah I’m falling apart” is an impossibly great lyric, though, isn’t it? 

As for the video, footage of Annie looking rather serious and artistic in a pink corridor is intercut with some Tumblrwave-y type “found footage,” which works well at cultivating a mood even if it lacks the narratological cohesion of her earlier work.

This much is true, at least: It’s one of the best song titles of the year.

Watch up top.