Beyonce’s H&M Commercial: Watch Behind-The-Scenes Footage

Sam Lansky | April 29, 2013 6:12 am

Did you know that Beyonce recently shot an H&M commercial? It’s true! She also used it as an opportunity to premiere a new song called “Standing On the Sun,” but mostly, she just shot an H&M commercial, because Beyonce isn’t just a recording artist anymore — she’s an empire, an empire with a post-baby body that’s better than yours at your fittest and the most majestic collection of weaves you’ve ever seen. Any questions? Didn’t think so. She doesn’t even need to do frivolous things like “releasing albums” anymore. She can just drink Pepsi and slap the sand triumphantly in an H&M bikini and flip her hair and make millions. The End.

So! Given that there’s no actual new music to listen to — music that would get played on the radio, music that you could buy on iTunes, music that would serve as a workable peg for this whole new Beyonce campaign — what we’re left with instead is this behind-the-scenes video clip from Bey’s Caribbean H&M shoot. Which is good! Very watchable. Thanks, Beyonce. At this point we’ll gladly accept scraps. 

In all fairness, 90 seconds of Beyonce doing things is significantly more compelling than most music videos from major artists, all those quick cuts of King Bey whipping her hair and her long, lean torso and a few quotes from her choreographer about how she didn’t have enough time to rehearse and H&M’s creative director about how exciting and artistic it all is. Which is true! It is both of those things.

But you know what would be even more exciting and artistic? A new single.

Until we get that, watch her behind-the-scenes clip up top.

Are you feeling Bey’s “Standing On the Sun”? Would you like to buy it on iTunes? Same here! Until then, read the song’s lyrics over at, then sound off on Facebook and Twitter.