Little Boots’ “Broken Record” Video: Watch The Dreamy Disco Clip

Sam Lansky | April 29, 2013 8:37 am

Little Boots hasn’t had the easiest ride, has she? After the deafening buzz surrounding her debut LP Hands in 2009 failed to translate into major commercial success (her UK Top 5 single “Remedy” notwithstanding), she was dropped by her label. Accordingly, she did what all the coolest pop ladies are doing these days: She teamed up with killer producers and started releasing tunes independently.

Her latest single, “Broken Record,” isn’t the best track from her upcoming album Nocturnes (due out May 6) that she’s released yet — that would be the lushly stirring “Motorway” — but it’s still a pretty damn good song, dignified dance-pop with a hook that’s sneakily infectious.

The video, which sees Boots performing at a roller disco with showers of confetti, all shot in a red-hued haze, serves as a more-than-adequate visual accompaniment to the song.

Watch it up top.

[via The Guardian]