Kanye West’s New Album Is Supposedly Done & “Dark”

Carl Williott | April 29, 2013 10:12 am

We’re a few weeks away from Kanye West‘s return to SNL, and it’s sounding increasingly likely that he’ll unveil new material during the performance. West has been holed up in Paris for the past couple months, flying various collaborators out to contribute to his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy follow-up, and now the whole process is complete and the album is done, according to New York City radio DJ Peter Rosenberg.

“I just heard that Def Jam had a listening [session] last week, and everyone at the label listened to the album and loved it. I heard it’s dark, but really good,” Rosenberg said. So, yes, it’s totally hearsay. And it’s also coming from Rosenberg, who is annoying in a very non-specific, vague way. But it’s still exciting news!

If true, the timing of the SNL gig would make sense, not to mention Yeezy likely wants to finish up the album before Kim Kardashian gives birth this summer. And it’s not surprising he has created another dark effort — dude’s been wearing straitjackets and masks on stage, and he’s pretty much been doing the brooding thing ever since 808s & Heartbreak, save for the occasional detour on Watch the Throne or Rihanna‘s “Diamonds” remix

[via Consequence of Sound]