Empire Of The Sun’s “Alive” Video: Watch The Absurd, Futuristic Clip

Sam Lansky | April 30, 2013 6:04 am

Empire of the Sun aren’t pulling any punches with the visual campaign for their new album: After unveiling the first single from their new album, the synthpop gem “Alive,” they’ve now debuted the music video for the song, which is a likably campy science fiction adventure.

The video has the grand scale of a blockbuster fantasy film (although perhaps not a Bruckheimer budget), following Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore through a series of futuristic tableaux — desert bluffs and a forest and even an ocean, because sure. The outfits are laughable and the special effects are effectively goofy, and while there are moments of pathos — the girl draped in furs is a neat touch — the absurdity of the video makes the song feel less intimate, doesn’t it? Oh well.

The band’s sophomore LP, Ice on the Dune, is due out June 18. See the track list below.

Empire of the Sun — Ice on the Dune Tracklisting

1. Lux 2. DNA 3. Alive 4. Concert Pitch 5. Ice On The Dune 6. Awakening 7. I’ll Be Around 8. Old Flavours 9. Celebrate 10. Surround  Sound 11. Disarm 12. Keep A Watch

[via SPIN]