Ke$ha Shows Off Lip Tattoo, Talks Beard Obsession On ‘Conan’: Watch

Sam Lansky | May 1, 2013 6:26 am

Can’t get enough of Ke$ha on her MTV reality show My Crazy Beautiful Life? The trash-pop superstar stopped by Conan last night to continue the conversation, and — unsurprisingly — she was crazy. Pretty crazy. But in that lovable K$ way.

Some highlights: She showed off her inner lip tattoo, which says “SUCK IT” (she got it as a message for haters online which is, well, sure); she claims to play the piano with her boobs; and she still loves beard. Yes — that’s the same old Ke$ha. 

Watch the tattoo video up top, then see three more clips below.

Ke$ha Brings Conan Some Sexy Gifts

Ke$ha Writes Music With Her Boobs

Ke$ha Can’t Stop Putting Beards In Her Mouth

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