Jennifer Lopez Returning To ‘American Idol’ For Live Finale Performance

Carl Williott | May 1, 2013 9:00 am

Jennifer Lopez is hard at work on her next album, and while the cloak-and-dagger plot to get her back onto the American Idol judges’ table has been foiled, JLo will be making her return to Idol, and much sooner than expected! She is scheduled to perform on the season finale of the show later this month, according to E!.

The Idol finale runs as a live two-parter on May 15 and 16. It’s unclear which night Lopez is doing, but we can pretty confidently assume she’ll be performing her new single “Live it Up,” which drops May 8.

This has got to be awkward for Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, whose jobs are rumored to be in jeopardy after lagging ratings this season. Brilliant strategy by the producers, though: “Hey viewers, remember when you loved the show when Jennifer Lopez was on it? Well here she is again! Wouldn’t you like to see more of her? Look how flawless she is up on stage! Look at Mariah, she’s so bored! Look at Nicki sneering from her chair! Now look back at JLo, look at her glowing!”

We’re not sure we’re emotionally ready to enter yet another Idol off-season full of judge speculation. It’s very taxing on the soul. Is there no respite?