Whatcha Say: Will.I.Am, Britney And The American Idol Diva Wars Got Our Readers Talking

Bradley Stern | May 3, 2013 5:30 pm

‘Twas a controversial week in pop, but isn’t it always? Will.i.am spilled the Britney beans and revealed that he’ll be the executive producer of the living legend’s upcoming 8th studio album, which inspired a wave of shock, horror and confusion. Meanwhile, the diva drama on the American Idol judges’ panel once again eclipsed the actual talent show happening onstage, spilling out onto Twitter and getting rather ugly.

When they weren’t sparring on and off-camera, Nicki Minaj hopped on Carly Rae Jepsen‘s too-good-to-flop “Tonight I’m Getting Over You” as a last-ditch effort to get it to the top of the charts, while Mariah Carey unveiled the diva-licious (if not mostly underwhelming) single art for her upcoming duet with Miguel, “#Beautiful.” Marina + The Diamonds got into the vengeful spirit with her sister in dark pop Charli XCX on a song called “Just Desserts,”, and Beyoncé‘s Mrs. Carter Show World Tour rider is, unsurprisingly, kind of ridiculous.

Check out some of this week’s best comments below!

:: Danny sent his prayers up to Godney on Will.i.am Is Executive Producing Britney Spears’ Next Album & Everything Feels Hopeless: “Oh dear GODney. Team Britney needs to call someone that is FRESH and NEW and UPCOMING like Calvin Harris or something. Then add lots of duets from Rihanna, Chris, Lil Wayne, Nicki….people we want to hear from. In fact that would be the best thing ever. An entire album of hot duets.”

:: Jus10 also found himself getting Spearitual: “I’m not religious, but I’m going to pray for this album. Oh lord I will pray.”

:: While Jay had a very specific demand: “All I know is…Britney better not make an album’s worth of “Big Fat Bass” type of songs. I think Britney is smarter than that.”

:: Naomi laid it all out on Nicki Minaj Tweets Shade At Mariah Carey…Again (In Other News, Grass Is Green): “I’m really sick and tired of these two fighting. They’re both the reason why Idol’s ratings are so low this season. There is no doubt that Mariah can sing, but she cannot give constructive criticism very well. She can’t give straightforward critiques. As for Nicki, where do I begin? Her attitude reminds me of the girls back in high school. Yes, she gives straightforward criticism, but she has attitude problems. I don’t know what Idol producers were thinking. Hey, Idol producers, take MY advice and get rid of these two and put Harry Connick Jr. as a judge next season.”

:: Deacon came to Mimi’s defense: “How many #1′s has Mariah had? How many albums has Mariah sold? How many octaves are in Mariah’s range? Had Lil’ Wayne not had the success he has had, I would almost bet that Lil’ Onika Minaj would be flipping burgers somewhere, bitching about it, and wearing a leopard-print spandex body suit.”

:: But Jay stook up for Nicki: “If Mariah Carey really wanted to shine on “Idol” she would shine…she’s Mariah Carey after all. To place the blame on Nicki is simply unfair. Mariah never seemed like the person to be outshone by anyone else if you’ve followed her career. They don’t give them the title “diva” for no reason. Just remember that everyone had high hopes for Britney and look how that ended up. Who are you going to blame for that? Demi Lovato?”

:: Kiki1976 couldn’t wrap their mind around Bey’s rider on Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter Tour Rider Allegedly Includes Titanium Straws & Red Toilet Paper: “I know that some celebs put ridiculous demands on their riders to make sure people are actually reading them. Like, maybe the toilet paper…something she would notice right away. (And where do you buy that?) But the straws? Really? And ice is ice, no matter what shape it’s in, it’s mutha-friggin’ cold, yo.”

:: Anony was suddenly filled with hope on Katy Perry Talks Writing Her New Album: “I’m Not Specific With Names”: “Wait, she’s recording with Sia? Well maybe there WILL be a song or two on that next album that will have some relevance and substance…”

:: And finally, Sara Conrad got super pumped about the new Pet Shop Boys album on Facebook: “Between Giorgio Moroder & Nile Rodgers working with La Roux & Daft Punk.. Disco lives.” Amen!

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