Rihanna Releases Second Teaser To ‘777 Tour’ Documentary: Watch

Christina Lee | May 4, 2013 8:53 am

In a new trailer to her 777 Tour documentary, Rihanna enters the now-infamous plane to meet the 150 journalists and 50 fans on board. Set to Rihanna’s next single “Right Now,” the trailer dives into footage from day one, when the Unapologetic pop star poured champagne for passengers. Then, it cuts to day five — when journalists chanted for a quote and one even streaked the plane in attempts to catch Rihanna’s attention. “We were looking for a story, and we turned out to be the story,” Fuse TV’s Esteban Serrano said at the time.

So while a previously released teaser flashed footage from Rihanna’s actual performances, the trailer focuses more so on the #stressedpress. It quotes one journalist, albeit a patient one. “I think the pace is excessive, and I think it’s a bit much,” he said. “She’s embraced it in a way I think is really incredible, but I think it’s hard. It’s a hard road.” Meanwhile, as footage reveals her backstage antics, Rihanna defends her touring antics.

“Rock star is more of an attitude,” she says. “Whether you make pop music or pop fans love you, they always see you as a rock star because of who you are.” 777 Tour airs May 6 — for now, watch the trailer up top.