Justin Bieber & Usher Face $10 Million Lawsuit For “Somebody To Love”

Christina Lee | May 4, 2013 9:53 am

When Justin Bieber dropped “Somebody to Love,” then a remix featuring Usher, he seemed to have landed on a winning formula. Following his debut single “One Time,” “Somebody to Love” was the second time that Bieber teamed with his mentor for a takeover, as his album My World 2.0 and Usher’s “OMG” rose to No. 1.

As announced Friday however, at least two people were not thrilled to hear the single. Devin Copeland, who performs as De Rico, and writing partner Mareio Overton are suing Bieber, Usher and others for $10 million due to copyright infringement. De Rico claims that “Somebody to Love” was originally written for his 2008 album My Story II, which he played for Usher and major-label scouts at a meeting. Meanwhile, after he recorded a demo in 2010, Usher passed “Somebody to Love” to Bieber for My World 2.0.

“Without any authority or consent,” [Usher’s mother and manager Jonetta Patton] and Usher conspired with songwriters and producers…to directly copy Plaintiffs’ song ‘Somebody to Love,’ intending to appropriate Plaintiffs’ intellectual property as their own,” the lawsuit says.

Read the 24-page lawsuit at E!.

Usher, “Somebody to Love” (2010)