Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull’s “Live It Up”: Hear A (Low Quality) Preview Of The Party Track

Carl Williott | May 6, 2013 10:58 am

When you listen to the below snippet of Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull‘s “Live It Up,” it’s clear some shady reconnaissance tactics were employed to acquire this recording. In fact, it sounds like someone happened to walk by a studio listening session on a windy day and put their phone up against the window, and maybe even recorded it through two tin cans connected by a string. But underneath the swirling breeze and static and elated exclamations of the listeners, you can hear the foundation of a solid club banger.

As far as we can tell, there’s no Pitbull in this snippet (shucks!), but the beat is like every other Pitbull-associated beat you’ve ever heard. JLo seamlessly goes from “Run The World (Girls)” fierceness in the bridge to a club-ready chorus, and then there’s a particularly squelchy EDM breakdown that seems promising. Check it out below.

In other JLo news, the singer was rushed off the set of her latest music video when gunshots were fired nearby on Sunday (May 5). The singer was in the middle of an interview with ET correspondent Rob Marciano on the Florida set, when shots were fired about 400 yards away. Lopez was immediately escorted into a vehicle with her security team. Marciano later tweeted that police confirmed nobody was injured during the incident.