Pop Goes The World: Meet NONONO, Say Lou Lou, Laura Jansen, Ginny Blackmore & Astrid Smeplass

Sam Lansky | May 6, 2013 1:58 pm

It’s another week and another round of Pop Goes the World, where I bring you the freshest pop from around the world. (When I say “fresh,” I often mean “tracks I was sent a month ago and am finally just now getting around to writing about.” Sorry! But better late than never, right?)

This week, as per usual, we’re leaning heavy on the Europeans — an Australian-Swedish pop duo, a singer-songwriter from the Netherlands, a Swedish alt trio and a Norwegian Idol — plus a pretty cool girl from New Zealand thrown in for good measure. Jump on this plane: I’m taking you all around the world (that is, to a select number of primarily English-speaking countries). Woot!