Pop Goes The World: Meet NONONO, Say Lou Lou, Laura Jansen, Ginny Blackmore & Astrid Smeplass

Sam Lansky | May 6, 2013 1:58 pm

Laura Jansen — “Golden”

There’s shades of a certain type of croaky Lana Del Rey bummer-pop style in the verses of Laura Jansen‘s excellent “Golden,” but the chorus is, frankly, some next-level shit: A soaring, pummeling earworm with choirs of backing vocals that makes her sound like Kate Havnevik as produced by Empire of the Sun. Jansen is already a star in her native Holland, and it’s likely she’ll meet with success here, too, since “Golden,” off her recently released LP Elba, sounds tailor-made for some kind of heartbreaking primetime TV montage.