Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull’s “Live It Up”: Listen To The Obvious Summer Smash

Sam Lansky | May 8, 2013 7:11 am

Here’s the good news about the new single from walking bronzer advertisement Jennifer Lopez and her bestie, predatory pair of aviator sunglasses with the world’s shiniest head Pitbull: Despite what J.Lo been tweeting (and the first visual in the lyric video), this song is called “Live It Up,” not “#LiveItUp,” as we’d suspected, which spares us some “#Beautiful”-level indignity.

And as it turns out, the song itself is as thrilling as highly derivative dance-pop gets: A monstrous summery club smash produced by RedOne that follows in the footsteps of “On the Floor” and “Dance Again.”

There’s Pitbull dropping embarrassing-and-wonderful lines like, “She’s screaming ‘YOLO!'” and “Jenny from the Block, let’s rock.” There’s J.Lo dropping lusty double entendres about things blowing and spots being hit. There’s a thunderous, clattering pre-chorus which leads into a massive euphoric refrain. “Make love, don’t fight,” Pitbull says, followed by a kissing noise, the sound of a bottle popping, and then he whispers, “Let’s fuck tonight,” prompting the noisiest, most bonkers house break of the summer, which sounds more like it belongs in a grimy Munich warehouse dance party than on the beaches of Miami. It’s an appealingly weird moment that elevates the song beyond its mostly-pedestrian sound, and makes it something I’ll more than happily tolerate in the clurb this summer.

Someday we’ll be rid of you, Mr. Worldwide, but that day is not today. Watch the lyric video up top.

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