Happy Mother’s Day: Here Are 9 Music Videos That Celebrate Moms

Erika Brooks Adickman | May 9, 2013 8:47 am

Moms — where would we be without them? (Well, not alive, we suppose.) Better yet, where would our favorite pop stars be without them?! Some of them know the world would be a dismal place if not for the women who brought them into this world, which is why, time and time again, musicians have used music videos as a platform to say “thank you” to the women who made them what they are today (or even to tribute the children they were about to birth themselves).

So in honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday (May 12), we’ve rounded up some of our favorite mom-themed videos to show moms everywhere how much we appreciate them. Below, watch as everyone from Whitney Houston to Drake celebrates mamas and mamas-to-be.

In Jessie Ware‘s “Sweet Talk”, the Brit plays the warmest stage mom to a perfectly cast kid-version of herself.

Speaking of kid casting, Spice Girls‘ “Mama” not only featured mini-me’s of the girl power group, but also spotlighted their real moms. The entire video was like a precursor to #ThrowbackThursday. (Though we still can’t believe Posh Spice serenaded her mom while wearing a bikini top.)
So what if Whitney Houston‘s “I’m Every Woman” didn’t have a cameo from every woman? It still managed to squeeze in appearances from the song’s co-writer Valerie Simpson, Whitney’s own mother Cissy Houston, the gals from TLC and, of course, the “mother” of the original version, Chaka Khan, who gets name-checked at the end of the song. The video is made even more motherly by the fact that the late diva is pregnant with Bobbi Kristina in the clip.
When Cyndi Lauper came home in the morning light to her irate mother sitting at the kitchen table cracking eggs at the beginning of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” we’re not sure why the singer felt the need to explain, “Oh, mother dear, we’re not the fortunate ones” or explain anything at all, as she was 30 years old at the time. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that the role was played by her real-life mom Catrine.
Carrie Underwood also cast her IRL mom for her “Mama’s Song” music video back in 2010:
The Tupac you see in most of the music video for “Dear Mama” may have been a lookalike (Pac was in jail at the time the video was made), but the mom is played by the real Afeni Shakur — no holograms here.
We wondered what could possibly top the “Baby Bump Reveal Heard Round The World”, and Beyonce answered with the kaleidoscopic  dance-tastic music video that is “Countdown”.
Unlike Bey, Madonna did not want to make her baby bump the focus of her “Music” video. The Queen Of Pop was quite pregnant at the time with her son Rocco, but you wouldn’t know it thanks to the giant fur coat she’s wearing. It was a complete 180 from “Papa Don’t Preach” when the diva pretended to be pregnant long before her children were even a twinkle in her eye.
Drake‘s mom Sandi Graham makes a brief cameo in the Canadian rapper’s “Started From The Bottom.” She seems a bit annoyed, perhaps because she wasn’t invited to the bowling rave scene.

Got a mom-centric music video that you love the most? Share it below!