‘American Idol’: Kree Harrison Does Pink’s “Perfect” While Angie Miller Performs “Try”

Lisa Timmons | May 9, 2013 6:06 am

Oh, what a journey it’s been for us all. Mostly for me, recapping this season of American Idol. I really feel like I’ve grown a lot. Oh, yes, and those contestants, Kree Harrison, Candice Glover and Angie Miller. They’re certainly something, aren’t they? The final three ladies are celebrating making it thus far, and it’s hard to believe that after this week’s voting, we’ll find out who will be making it to the finale.

At this point, it’s all about the tearful reunions for these hometown heroes — a week where the ladies are showered with love and pride from their respective cities of origin. When it comes to heartbreaking, poignant homecomings, Candice and Kree definitely tie for some of the most touching moments. Aaaaaand, Angie had a nice little stop in her local coffee shop.

But let’s not forget, it’s all about the singing, and the ladies are indeed singing for their supper with no less than three selections, none of which they are allowed to choose themselves. Round one is a pick from Jimmy Iovine, round two is from the Idol judges and the final and third round comes from Idol production, whoever that may consist of. Now, let’s get started!

The judges waft gracefully to their places and hold the boat. Mariah Carey is wearing a belly shirt, prompting Ryan Seacrest to give her props for “not having any carbs this week.” Not to be outdone, Nicki Minaj has her ladies on display, supported by veritable flying buttresses somewhere in her pink dress.

The Top 3 emerge on the stage, and we see snippets from their visits back home. Crowds gather and cheer for each of them as they arrive. This totally happens to me every time I go home to see the fam. I am literally pulling confetti out of my hair for days.

Kree is the first to sing, with Pink‘s “Perfect.” Keith Urban gives a strange critique that make me think he didn’t love it. Nicki liked Kree’s energy and her one tip is for girlfriend to try flats next time. This is weird. Randy wasn’t as big of a fan of the song. Ugh. They need to stop talking about the song choices, since these girls aren’t picking! Midriff Mariah actually acknowledges that Kree wasn’t able to pick her song but then would like to remind you that she is not just a singer, but also a songwriter.

Again, I can just tell that these poor kids are exhausted. Idol is clearly running them ragged.

Next up with Jimmy’s pick is Candice with U2‘s “One.” She’s single-handedly making me think that U2 might possibly still be relevant. Nicki starts the feedback. (Sidenote: Ms. Minaj’s makeup is super flawless tonight.) She congratulates Candy again for being in the top three and gives Jimmy some props for the song choice. She loved it. Randy is insufferable with his “third time is the charm” bit, but he rightly says her emotional connection was clear. Mariah’s extemporaneous speaking skills are making it hard for me to believe that she has never been a speech writer, in addition to songwriter. In summation, she loved it. Keith compliments the power of her performance.

Before commercial break, we are all surprised to find out that Candice had never heard the song before. Shock-awe!

Angie is next and for her, Jimmy has selected Elton John‘s “Sorry Seems to Be The Hardest Word.” She does wear the hell out of some black leather and sounds good. And, wow —they really do zoom in close. I think I can count her eyelashes.

Randy starts harassing Angie about why she wasn’t at the piano, but compliments her on her restraint. Mariah starts to talk and I can’t hear anything because I’m staring at the lavalier mike peeking out from her boob. Keith felt she could have held back even more, but calls her voice “spectacular.” Nicki and her mermaid hair thought this was a “stellar vocal” but the emotion wasn’t amazing, but still thinks Angie is “bringing it.” Jimmy thinks the songs were all challenges for the girls, but gives the round to Angie.

Shut up, Ryan Seacrest, with the Carly Rae Jepsen and Coca Cola. I want to run her over with a Ford Fiesta.

Now, we’re treated to views of Candice visiting her hometown of St. Helena Island, SC. Everyone is so excited to see her and she starts to cry when she gets close to home. Her entire family swallows her up in a hug and I am sobbing on my couch. She gets a hero’s welcome at a parade in Beaufort and can’t stop crying. I am literally going to need counseling after this episode, I’m getting so emotional for her.

Candice’s next song has been selected by the Idol judges. She comes out strong with “Next To Me” by Emeli Sande. I now officially want her to win this whole thing and think she can. Mariah gushes a bunch of stuff and wraps it up by saying she thinks it was “good.” Keith says her confidence helped her soar. Nicki was just as emotional from the montage as I was. I reach through the TV and hand her a box of tissues. She gets choked up and tells her simply, “Congratulations.” Randy echoes their praises. Candice dissolves into tears. If you don’t vote for her, I will cut you while you sleep.

Now we get ready to see Angie’s hometown hero visit to Boston. Her brother is on stage to joke about his beard. She return to Beverly, Massachusetts. Her tour back home is sweet, but nothing like the emotion of Candice’s small town homecoming. My favorite part is the teen girl bawling her eyes out. It just dawns on me how many extras must have to be hired for anyone whose hometown is Los Angeles. Ha!

Angie sings the judges’choice of Pink’s “Try.” Her voice is strong but this stage is scaring the shit out of me. Keith thought she looked super comfortable. Nicki agrees, and sorry, y’all, but Angie is still too pageant for my taste. Randy has no comedic timing to speak of, in case you didn’t know. He says she sounded “amazing.” Mariah breathily concurs. “You’re festive, you can’t deny it,” Mimi tells her. “But I’m festive too!” she declares. I love that Mariah always ends her critique on a non-sequitur and defies anyone who thinks she should make sense.

I totally forgot Kree was on, it’s been so long since her last performance. Between the mic feedback and this unfortunate random order, they’ve done her wrong tonight. For her trip home to Texas, she starts off at a crawfish boil. These Southern girls are killing me with this food. Jealous! She and her sister visit their family home and thankfully, I’ve rehydrated since Candice’s story because the tears are again flowing. The two orphaned sisters standing in their old family home is too much. But now, it’s time to have fun, as in hashtag Kree gets on a mechanical bull!

With a little wine in me, I decide I want her to sing “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood. Instead, she wails “Here Comes Goodbye” from Rascal Flatts. That said, she sounds fantastic tonight. Nicki is already near tears before Kree starts to sing. I tip my hat to the judges for this choice.

Nicki is obviously about to bawl her eyes out and when she tells Kree that her parents could hear her, she nearly loses it on stage. My menstrual cycle is really betraying me right now as tears stream down my face. Randy says it was “unbelievably beautiful.” Mariah would like an opportunity to cry now too, thanks. Keith is also sniffly and gives Kree kudos as well.

Jimmy is impressed by how the girls handled themselves despite the emotion. He thinks the choices for Kree and Angie were perfect, but thinks Kree won this round.

Now, here’s Angie singing at the piano for her rendition of “Maybe” by Emeli Sande. As my cohort, Marcos puts it, “Angie is really enthusiastic tonight.” Randy calls her a “complete performer.” Mariah starts to talk and Nicki’s face whenever she’s talking is my favorite. Keith makes a joke about her playing under the piano and I make a dirty joke about the two us under a piano to myself that I shan’t repeat. Nicki thinks Angie did a great job.

Kree’s back up and she has lightning bolts in the background for her performance of “Better Dig Two.” Mariah liked it, but Keith and Nicki were not totes into it. Nicki is obviously more vocal in her criticism, natch. That said, she’s still a fan of her wife, Kreedom. Randy still loves her, despite not being enthusiastic about the song choice.

Candice is last with “Somewhere” and Kree should be allowed to punch everyone in the face who saddled her with that last song, I say, as Candy girl hits those high notes with ease. While it’s not my favorite song, it definitely gives Ms. Glover more than enough opportunity to blow the competition out of the water.

The judges are as in awe as I am. Keith is unabashedly pro Candice. Nicki says simply, “See ya next week.” Randy tries to be clever, but fails. He is the worst, but calls her “incredible.” Mariah says, “Thank you for singing that, it was my parents’ song.”

Jimmy gives his opinion on who won the night, he thinks Candice took it all, and I agree. What do you guys think? All we can do is hold our breath until tomorrow’s results!