Demi Lovato Dresses Up (And Down) In ‘Demi’ Album Cover Shoot: See The Photos

Sam Lansky | May 9, 2013 10:15 am

Demi Lovato‘s new album Demi doesn’t get an official release until next week (even though the full album premiered via stream earlier this week), but hark! The pop gods have smiled upon us and released the booklet from the upcoming LP, which features a very alluring photo shoot with celebrity shutterbug Rankin that sees Demetria looking chic, grown-up and a little bit rock-and-roll (in a very polished way, of course).

There’s brooding Demi! Hair-partially-covering-face Demi! High ponytail Demi! Chewing-on-a-leather-jacket Demi! (That one’s a bit odd, but hey — anything in the name of fashion, right?) Weird-lace-floral-thing-covering-her-face Demi! (Lots of things going on with obscuring Demi’s face. Maybe that’s a motif.)

At any rate, the photos of the “Heart Attack” chanteuse are stunning, so get ’em up top. Rumor has it they were made in the USA.

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