Mariah Carey’s “#Beautiful” Video Featuring Miguel: Mimi Gets Sexy

Sam Lansky | May 10, 2013 5:26 am

First things first: I’m not going to forgive the egregious misuse of a hashtag in the title of this song that easily, but Mariah Carey is one step closer to winning me over with the video for her Miguel-assisted single “#Beautiful” (hashtag beautiful), which sees her looking — well, beautiful! (Not #beautiful, though.) Happy and sexy and vitalized and like the true diva she is, no matter how sleepy she’s managed to come across on American Idol.

The Joseph Kahn-directed clip isn’t complicated; it’s basically an opportunity for Mariah to look amazing, which she does! Her body is bangin’ and she looks about half her age in a crop-top and Daisy Dukes, followed by a low-cut dress (let’s face it, it’s probably lingerie), and everything she does is sexy. Bathed in amber sunlight on the back of Miguel’s motorcycle? Sexy. Doing a provocative dance in a barn for literally no reason? Sexy. Touching her face? Sexy. Existing? Sexy. 

In terms of amplifying excitement for her comeback, it’s executed perfectly, suggesting that the “#Beautiful” era is shaping up to be everything the “Triumphant” era (if I can even call it that) was not: Modern and exciting and relevant. Not only has Mariah still got it, she still does it best.

Watch up top.

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