Lana Del Rey’s “Young & Beautiful” Video: Watch The Dark (Literally) Clip

Sam Lansky | May 10, 2013 5:52 am

Lana Del Rey‘s contribution to the soundtrack for The Great Gatsby, her epic lovelorn ballad “Young & Beautiful,” is so good that she didn’t have to do much in the accompanying video for it to be effective — and lo and behold, she doesn’t! No, the Chris Sweeney-directed clip almost feels like a flashback to the Tumblrwave days of yore for Del Rey, since it’s mostly just one close shot of the chanteuse sporting glittery hoops and teardrops painted on her face (swag), intercut with footage of an orchestra playing the music in a darkened concert hall and the occasional eerie dark shot of Lana singing the song reclined on some stairs through a golden white orb.

The whole thing feels dark, in fact. Pretty but dark. 

The song’s noirish bent aligns well with the video’s lo-fi VHS production, and it’s more than enough to satisfy her fans, but it’s hard not to miss the sweep and grandeur of the “Ride” video. Maybe next time.

Watch up top.

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