You Be The Judge: Javier Dunn, “Couple Of Drinks”

Bradley Stern | May 13, 2013 1:31 pm

We come across new artists each and every day, but are all acts worth making a fuss over? With You Be The Judge, we’re leaving it up to YOU, our readers. Should we keep tabs on these rising artists, leave their tunes behind — or at least let them stew a bit longer before we give them another chance?

Meet Javier Dunn, a 30-something singer-songwriter based out of Los Angeles.

“Couple of Drinks,” the lead single from Dunn’s forthcoming debut album, Trails, is an ode to falling in love under the influence (and, undoubtedly, an allusion to Heidi Montag‘s “One More Drink.”)

“Couple of drinks, starting to think that I’m in love with you,” he softly croons above a solid bass thump and light tingles of electronica, making for a groove that balances somewhere in between the melancholy production of Death Cab For Cutie and a hint of The Weeknd.

In addition to his new single, Dunn’s also released a series of covers over the past few years, including Robyn‘s “Call Your Girlfriend” (switched up to “Call Your Boyfriend”) and Miike Snow‘s “Animal.”

Now, it’s your turn to decide: What do you think of “Couple Of Drinks”? Listen above, and then cast your vote below if you’d like Javier Dunn to remain a fixture on Idolator.

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