Kelly Rowland’s “Dirty Laundry”: Review Revue

Idolator Staff | May 15, 2013 11:45 am

Kelly Rowland shocked the world — not just some ex-boyfriends — with “Dirty Laundry”, the latest single from her upcoming album Talk A Good GameThe revealing ballad (penned by The-Dream) finds the singer airing out her past secrets of an abusive relationship and how it affected her rocky friendship with Beyonce (peep the tell-all lyrics here). It’s one of those rare songs where the lyrics, and not the music, make the first impression.

The media has been abuzz after the song’s release, applauding Rowland’s raw honesty. Read on to see what the critics had to say about the tell-all track.

:: MTV Buzzworthy wants to give Rowland a big hug: “As hard as it must have been for Kelly to air her ‘Dirty Laundry’, we imagine it was equally therapeutic. We commend her courage!”

:: Vibe notes that Rowland took a big risk: “The-Dream-penned ballad is anything but cyclical for the songstress who has kept most of her catalog in the bedroom moreso than her diary.”

:: Vulture simply noted, “You probably won’t hear this on the radio, but it’s a good one.”

:: “Dirty Laundry” is best kept on your iPod, not your Twitter account, according to Complex: “Quoting the lyrics almost seems to take away from their power in the song, detached black print on your computer monitor.”

:: Rap-Up says “Rowland airs out her darkest secrets” and the song shows her at “her most vulnerable” point.

:: MuuMuse thinks it’s “easily one of Rowland’s most emotional, soul-baring records to date (if not the most) that sees the songstress spilling out private confessions—not only about her relationship with her Destiny’s Child sister Beyoncé, but an emotionally and physically abusive relationship that nearly cost her…everything.”

:: Stuff Fly People Like enjoys the throwback sound: “It gives you chills. It’s so vintage R.Kelly-ish that it’s eerie. I applaud Kelly for this contribution to the music world. It’s what we need in a sea of the ‘new normal’ of AutoTune and poppin’ mollies.”

:: The Honesty Hour sums it up well: “Whoa, whoa, whoa. This song is amazing. Deep, emotional, controversial – everything.”

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