Sorento Serenades With Boyz II Men: See The Guys Sing During A Marriage Proposal

Idolator Staff | May 16, 2013 6:20 am

In March, we first announced Kia’s Sorento Serenades contest, where three nominated people would be surprised in some manner by meeting legendary vocal group Boyz II Men. (Trust us, the full details were under lock and key, and even we didn’t know what exactly was in store at the time.) Now it’s time to meet Nikki, the first Sorento Serenades winner.

In the clip above, Nikki’s boyfriend of two years, Stephen, discusses their relationship in a voiceover as the happy couple take a trip from Wisconsin to California, where they drive around in their white Sorento. Unbeknownst to Nikki, Stephen is planning on proposing to her while the pair explore the sunny sights in Los Angeles.

As the pair are enjoying a beautiful dinner on their trip, Boyz II Men’s Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris and Shawn Stockman give Nikki a shock by walking up to their table and delivering a chills-inducing a cappella rendition of their classic hit “On Bended Knee.”

Stephen takes a literal cue from the song, gets down on one knee and proposes to Nikki. Watch above to see her reaction, and stay tuned for more Sorento Serenades videos featuring Boyz II Men here on Idolator!